breakfast menu 

Full English - 1 bacon,1 egg,1 sausage, mushrooms, beans, black pudding, beans, toast £8
Big Breakfast - 2 bacon, 2 egg, 2 sausage, mushrooms, tomato, beans, black pudding, hash browns, bread & butter £10VEGGIE BREAKFAST  - veggie sausage, tomato, egg, spinach & mushrooms, hash browns beans toast £8
Sausage & Bacon Bap /Sandwich £4 - add an item for 65p
Eggs on toast £4.50
Beans on toast £4.50
Sausage bubble & squeak & beans  (or chips) £8 add an egg for 50p
Ham egg bubble & squeak  (or chips ) £10.00
Mushroom Omelette chips, beans £8  omelette with spinach and tomato  £6 add cheese for 65p
smashed avocado on brown toast with 2 poached eggs £6
Classic cheese burger and onions with chips £10 add bacon or egg 65p
veggie burger with cheese and mushrooms , chips £9Nags fresh mixed salad £8

Sandwiches / wraps £7

Little people £4
toast with beans or scrambled egg plus a sausage 
chicken pieces chips and beans
cheese and tomato pasta 
mini pizza chips salad
gluten free fish fingers beans chips 
mini roasts ( roast dinner Sundays )

Four  legged friends £3
sausage and sweet potato mash
bacon or sausage  and scrambled egg 
bag of treat sized homemade liver cake    

Licensed from 10am